Temporary Hiatus

Hi there folks!

Well, we’re so pleased with how well this RPs been going over this past year, but we’ve made the decision to go on a temporary hiatus while school is still on. We’d like to pick up again in the summer possibly, once people have more time, and the enthusiasm is refreshed.

Myya and I would really really like to have all of you back, so please don’t delete your accounts or anything, if you have any interest in coming back!

What we’d like to do is make sure we have everyone’s emails so we can keep in touch incase you change your URLs. So please, send us your emails in the submit box so we can let you know when we reactivate!

This has been really really enjoyable, and we’re so please by the magnitude and positive response we’ve had, so please keep your eyes and ears peeled… we will miss you all SO MUCH!

Also, Myya’s URL is whatsdrarryeh and mine is thisisasickness, so if you want to keep chatting with us, that’s where you can find us!

Love you all so much! A thousand thank yous and I REALLY LOOK FORWARD TO RESTARTING IN THE SUMMER if you all want to :)


Mods <3

The Storyline has been updated!!

If we missed anything let us know! We did our best to try to get the most of it up there!

Check it out! (Everything from December on is new)


It’s been forever since we’ve updated the storyline! Would ya’ll be able to submit anything you think that was important that happened to your character since we left off? (check the story line for a reminder). We probably won’t include too much detail this time around, because it’s been too long, but anything important that has gone down with friendships, relationships etc etc.



Everyone Follow Blaise!

If you aren’t already :)


Roleplay Managed Posted a Video



  • Fred Weasley
  • Remus Lupin
  • Parvati Patil
  • Theodore Nott
  • Terry Boot
  • Padma Patil
  • Justin Finch-Fletchy
  • Astoria Greengrass
  • Michael Corner
  • Crabbe and Goyle
  • Severus Snape
  • for more characters available please visit our character list

The Room of Roleplay is a 6th year RP with both reblog RP and chat RP. It was been underway for over 6 months and has been running wonderfully! With scheduled events, many active players and loving mods, it is a welcoming community! Come join the fun!

We accept applicants ages 16 and older and encourage you to apply even if you have no experience in roleplaying. Our members can tell you we have a pleasant and friendly environment and have developed quite a community of potterheads and roleplay lovers, both experienced and non :)

If you have any questions at all, please owl us at The Room of Roleplay. If you would like to read more about how the blog works, you may visit our FAQand our Info pages.

Fill out an Application form and submit it to our Submit Box to apply!

Much love,


The Room of Roleplay mods, Myya and Rory <3

GREETINGS FRIENDS: Updates and Info!

Hello everyone! Hope you’ve had a lovely holiday and are getting on with the start of the new year well!

To sort of catch everyone up with what’s going on, RP time is still in holidays. As we know, RP time is much slower than regular time, depending on how quickly people are responding etc etc. So right now we are floating between December 25th and December 30th or so. There are plans for a semi-serious plot development in Venice with Blaise, Harry, Draco and Pansy, so that’s why it’s taking a little bit longer, otherwise we would jump ahead to New Year’s now. But as it were, we will move forward with that as quickly as possible, so we can pick up with the plot :)

If you remember, there are still plans for a New Year’s bash at Fred and George’s WWW in Diagon Alley (because they haven’t opened their location in Hogsmede yet) so anyone out of town can RP if they wish about coming back to London to be there in time for the party. You will all be receiving Invitations in your Asks soon :)

The details for the party will be posted as we get closer to the time. As before, it will be a scheduled Chat RP, so stay tuned :)

Next thing to be addressed is that I believe we have lost our Fred, so we are going to begin looking for a replacement for him, as well as for more characters in general. If you guys know of anybody who might be interested, please pass along the news and do some recruiting of your own if you can! When we post a new ad, reblogs on your personal blogs would be much appreciated!

Finally, on the news of characters, everyone remember Blaise/Miranda? She is returning to us shortly with the new year so YAY for that! Keep your eyes peeled for her!

I think that’s all the updates for now. Remember if you have any questions/concerns or wonderments, feel free to throw us an ask!

Love your mods <3


Friday Dec 20th,

Students, as I’m sure you are all aware, the last day of classes is today and for your convenience, we have arranged three trips to back to Kings Cross. You would be wise to write these down:

Friday, Dec 20th; Departure: 4:00 PM; Arrival: 10:00 PM

Saturday, Dec 21st; Departure: 1:00 PM; Arrival: 7:00 PM

Sunday, Dec 22nd; Departure: 9:00 AM; Arrival: 3:00 PM

Happy Christmas,

Albus Dumbledore


 A friendly reminder that the Yule Ball is tomorrow!! (And Harry and Draco’s gathering, which you should all find invites to in your Asks at some point.)

The passwords will be passed out shortly before the event starts! Hope to see you all online tomorrow!

SATURDAY 10TH (Sunday in AEST) at:

  • 3:00 PM PST
  • 6:00 PM EST
  • 10:00 AM (SUNDAY) AEST

Love Rory and Myya!

THE YULE BALL: Times and Plans

So as much as we were trying for Sunday, we’d like to be able to make this possible for Cho and Ron as well, who are working on Australian time, and most times on Sunday would land them early morning Monday or middle of the night…

So we might try to plan for SATURDAY 10TH (Sunday in AEST) at:

  • 3:00 PM PST
  • 6:00 PM EST
  • 10:00 AM (SUNDAY) AEST

How does that work for everyone? I know Tonks said she could only work with Sunday, but we’re trying to get it something close to what will work for as many people as possible.

Please let us know!

Rory and Myya

Please note everyone that the dates options on the Yule Ball Post have been changed.

Rory made a boo boo

Also these aren’t set in stone, they are only meant to get an idea of when the most people will be available.